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06/15/2013 Luke 8:26-33

Luke 8:26-33
Jesus Heals a Man with a Demon
26 Then they sailed to the country of the Gerasenes, which is opposite Galilee. 27 When Jesus had stepped out on land, there met him a man from the city who had demons. For a long time he had worn no clothes, and he had not lived in a house but among the tombs. 28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out and fell down before him and said with a loud voice, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me.” 29 For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. (For many a time it had seized him. He was kept under guard and bound with chains and shackles, but he would break the bonds and be driven by the demon into the desert.) 30 Jesus then asked him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Legion,” for many demons had entered him. 31 And they begged him not to command them to depart into the abyss. 32 Now a large herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside, and they begged him to let them enter these. So he gave them permission. 33 Then the demons came out of the man and entered the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and drowned.

Yesterday, Jesus shows that he has power and control over the laws of science and nature by calming the storm.  Today, he proves that he has power and control over Satan and evil forces.  Jesus gets out of the boat and runs into a man who had demons.  He had no clothes and lived in the tombs.  Notice what the demon possessed man saw Jesus, he says “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me.”  Notice that the demon knew Jesus.  He calls him “Son of the Most High God.”  The demon knew that he was God’s son.  Isn’t it a shame that people today don’t really know Jesus, but the demons do.  And they know that Jesus has the power to torment them.  Jesus is their worst nightmare.  This demonized man had superhuman strength and could break through chains and shackles.  Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”  The demon answered Legion.  In the Roman army, a Legion consisted of 4,000-6,000 soldiers.  This man a lot of demons.  The scriptures state:  “Legion,” for many demons had entered him. 31 And they begged him not to command them to depart into the abyss.  Now I ask, if Satan is all powerful, then why would they be begging Jesus to not command them to depart into the abyss?  It is because Satan is NOT all powerful.  Satan and his fallen angels (demons) are created by Jesus, they are part of creation.  Jesus is the Creator!  The demons wanted to be cast into the pigs instead of the abyss.  Jesus cast them into the pigs and the pigs rushed down a steep bank and jumped into the lake and drowned.  Jesus is demonstrating that He is more powerful the Satan and his fallen angels.  Why would people want to follow Satan or his demons?  I guess they have not read the Bible and they don’t know that Satan has already been defeated on the Cross.  
I pray: “O Lord, I know that you are the one true God.  You are the Creator of all things.  That you have power over all creation.  I know that Satan thinks he is powerful, but you have already defeated him on the cross.  Help me to share the news that Jesus Christ is Lord of all!  That Satan is afraid of Jesus and at the end, Satan will bow down and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  Thank you for all that you have done for me.  Amen.

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I really love v.13 in this passage. It is both encouraging and comforting.

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HI this is I Frederick Demond Wilson. I hereby am solemnly here to forebare witnessing of His witness, our Creator.

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Pastor: on my e mails, a note said that you were trying to contact me. Now,
I am having trouble reaching you. Was it important? In Christ, daisy

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